Enter SecureLoad: A game changing solution designed to revolutionise vessel loading with its cutting-edge features and streamlined efficiency, addressing the industry’s long-standing challenges.

Revolutionising Vessel Loading

The maritime industry is progressing with digitalisation and decarbonisation, yet the technology for vessel loading remains outdated, still reflecting practices from decades past. A significant portion of the sector still depends on software crafted over three decades ago, without the necessary updates, leading to poor service and non-compliance with current standards. These programs are plagued by poor user interfaces, resulting in terrible user experiences, and rely on obsolete 2D cargo representations that compromise stowage planning accuracy.

The market is dominated by desktop-based applications, requiring multiple installations for a single calculation, hindering the creation of a unified data source, a vital concern in the industry. These software inadequacies compel many to employ various programs for stowage planning, vessel loading, hydrostatic calculation, and other cargo-related tasks, causing synchronisation issues and data redundancy. Despite widespread acknowledgment of these issues, the absence of viable solutions has resulted in a general acceptance of these inefficiencies. Driven by these enduring challenges and the sector’s unmet needs, we have developed SecureLoad, a web-based loading computer and stowage planner, aimed at addressing these issues and fulfilling the industry’s requirements.

What's New?

Latest Web Technology

Experience unparalleled convenience with our web-based software, designed for the modern age. No installations, no hassles—just seamless access anytime, anywhere. Whether you’re onboard a vessel, in the office, or on the move, our platform ensures real-time accessibility and multi-user functionality across all your devices. Stay connected and in control from any location in the world, effortlessly managing vessel loading computations and collaborating with your team. Embrace the future of web technology, optimised for both individual and collaborative efforts, with the flexibility to adapt to your dynamic needs.

Interactive 3D

SecureLoad brings 3D technology to web browsers, transforming the way vessel loading is conducted. With our interactive 3D functionality, users can effortlessly fill tanks, reposition cargo within a three-dimensional environment, and, for those who prefer traditional methods, utilise a conventional table entry system that integrates flawlessly with 3D visualisation. This dual-capability approach ensures meticulous control over load configurations, offering unparalleled precision and adaptability for efficient cargo handling.

Step-Based Workflow

SecureLoad’s step-based workflow empowers users to simulate marine operations, from Load-In/Load-Out to Lift-On/Lift-Off and Float-In/Float-Out, all within a single worksheet. This philosophy allows for on-the-fly editing of each step, with the ability to see instant changes by simply clicking the ‘next’ button, transforming the simulation process into an intuitive animation. This approach eliminates the need to switch between disparate files, saving you valuable time and reducing the potential for errors.

Advanced Ballast Calculation

SecureLoad integrates an advanced optimisation algorithm for ballast operations, iterating through a vast array of load cases to pinpoint the most efficient and safe operational strategy. This simplifies ballast calculations for all users, including non-technical personnel, and significantly reduces the time spent on labour-intensive calculations. By simply selecting tanks, setting filling constraints, and running the solver, users find the optimal solution effortlessly. Paired with the step-based workflow, this approach simplifies even the most labour-intensive ballast calculations, making precision and efficiency accessible to everyone.

Mesh-Based Cargo

SecureLoad’s mesh-based cargo definition revolutionises cargo planning with unparalleled precision. Forget simplified cargo models—our system meticulously captures the exact shape of any cargo, regardless of complexity, for highly accurate loading simulations, automatically calculating essential properties like volumes and centroids from the mesh data. Additionally, this feature enables you to easily showcase detailed stowage plans in 3D to end clients, improving communication with end clients by providing a clear visual representation of the stowage.

Cargo Template Library

SecureLoad’s Cargo Library offers a vast selection of pre-defined cargo templates, covering various weights, shapes, and types, including floating cargo. Users can effortlessly customise these templates to meet their exact specifications, enabling precise representation of stowage with accurate 3D geometry. Additionally, users have the option to upload their own geometry, making it available as a template across their organisation, simplifying the management of 3D cargo models. This feature not only streamlines the management of 3D cargos but also enhances the presentation of stowage plans to end clients with detailed 3D representations.

Assign, Manage & Collaborate

Organisational Benefits


Take command of your entire fleet with SecureLoad’s multi-vessel feature! Experience the ease of managing all your vessels from a single, centralised platform. Our single source of truth (SSoT) approach ensures that you have accurate and up-to-date information at your fingertips.

Real-Time Collaboration​

SecureLoad enhances teamwork with its real-time collaboration feature. Multiple users to access and work simultaneously on the same Worksheet, a capability previously unheard of in cargo planning. This way all stakeholders can contribute and stay updated in real-time.  

Role-Based Access Control​​

SecureLoad’s role-based access system allows customisable user permissions ensuring secure data management and simplifies collaborations without the need to recreate ship models. Users can grant or revoke access to vessel data at will, maintaining a single source of truth for vessel geometry and keeping the ship model securely with its owner.

Latest Features & Updates​​

In the cloud-based office version, users automatically receive the latest features, improvements, and security patches without manual updating. Centralised updates ensure all users work on the same software version, preventing compatibility issues among team members using different versions. 

Long-Term Support

SecureLoad is run by a skilled and knowledgeable team dedicated to using the latest technology to create innovative solutions that the industry needs. We take a customer-centric approach to ensure client satisfaction. We offer long-term support and service in the maritime industry plagued by aged service providers.

Third-Party Integration

Unlock endless possibilities with SecureLoad’s third-party integration! Choose from a wide range of APIs and sensors to integrate, enhancing your operational capabilities. This feature allows you to connect with external tools and systems effortlessly.

Create, Stow, Set & Run

Who Benefits?

Traditionally, loading computers served mainly crew members, port captains, and naval architects. SecureLoad, however, transcended these traditional boundaries. With its intuitive design and advanced ballast optimisation algorithms, it became accessible to non-technical personnel, vastly expanding its usability in the maritime industry. 

Ship Owners

SecureLoad revolutionises ship operations for owners by enabling easy sharing of its loading computer with ship charterers and engineering consultancies. This eliminates the need to create new ship models for each collaboration, streamlining calculations and resolving a major industry challenge with a single click. 

Chartering Manager

SecureLoad is an ideal tool, allowing chartering managers to verify cargo loadability on a vessel prior to fixing. This is achieved without needing to consult the crew or possess extensive knowledge about ballast operations, streamlining the decision-making process.

Port Captains​
SecureLoad, a loading computer designed for stowage planning with features such as 3D Cargo Model, collision detection, and DXF export, is the perfect choice for port captains creating executable stowage plans. Its quick onboard access without installation allows efficient supervision of ongoing and planned activities.
Naval Architects

SecureLoad greatly simplifies the work of naval architects by the integration of our optimisation algorithm for ballast calculations. This streamlines the hydrostatic calculations, related to lifting, load-in load-out, and float-in float-off operations. It reduces the repetitive and tedious aspects of determining ballast distribution, hence enhancing efficiency for naval architects.

Heavy Transport Engineers

SecureLoad enables Engineers to monitor ballasting operations from the quayside by connecting to the local network with any device, offering real-time insights onboard through an extended Wi-Fi connection.

Vessel Crew

An ideal tool for crew members, allowing them to access the loading computer from any device connected to the local network or Wi-Fi of the vessel. This provides great convenience for performing calculations comfortably. Additionally, it facilitates easy syncing with office-based calculations while in port, ensuring seamless execution of planned activities on the vessel.

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