SecureLoad Alliance Program

Shaping the Future of Ship Loading

(Launching Soon)

Embark on a collaborative journey with us in the SecureLoad Alliance Program, a unique initiative tailored for forward-thinking maritime companies dedicated to revolutionising vessel loading and stowage planning. Our cutting-edge software, crafted with the latest technological advancements, is at the heart of this endeavour. But our vision extends beyond just technology. We believe in a Client-Driven Software Development approach, where your insights and feedback are not just welcomed but are integral to our innovation process.

This program is more than a partnership; it’s a commitment to co-create solutions that address the specific challenges and nuances of different vessel types. Our software’s dynamic framework is designed to adapt and evolve, meeting the diverse needs of our partners in the shipping industry. Together, we can turn your expertise and experience into powerful features and functionalities that set new standards in maritime logistics. 

We currently offer specialized programs for the following vessel types

  • General Cargo: Enhance stowage planning and crane lifting simulations for general cargo vessels, with the focus on efficiency and seamlessness. (Show a silhouette of general cargo)
  • Heavy Loaders Streamline Load in Load out and Float in Float off operations for heavy load barges, deck carriers, and semi-submersibles, ensuring smooth and quick solutions. (Show a silhouette of Semi-Submersible)


Why Join? ​

Innovative Loading and Stowage Solutions

Experience the future of vessel loading and stowage with our cutting-edge technologies, including 3D interaction, advanced geometry-based solvers, and optimisation algorithms for unparalleled efficiency and safety.

Be at the Forefront of Industry Innovation

As part of our Alliance Program, you’ll influence the development of next-generation software and stay ahead in the rapidly evolving maritime industry.

Customised Solutions for Your Fleet

Your challenges are unique, and our solutions are tailored to meet them. We collaborate closely to understand and address your specific needs in loading and stowage planning.

Expert Team, Committed to Maritime Excellence

Our team of passionate maritime innovators is dedicated to enhancing your operations, offering exceptional solutions and pushing the boundaries of maritime logistics.


Exclusive Perks

First Vessel Modelling Free

Get started with no upfront cost as we offer the first vessel modelling for your fleet free of charge.

Dedicated Meetings

Participate in exclusive meetings with the SecureLoad development team. These sessions are focused on understanding your specific requirements and providing updates on our latest developments, ensuring that our solutions continuously meet your evolving needs.

6-Month Free Trial

Experience the full capabilities of our software with a comprehensive 6-month trial, risk-free.

Early Access to Alpha Releases

Be the first to explore and provide feedback on our latest innovations with early access to alpha software releases.

Dedicated Client Interaction Platform

Enjoy seamless communication and collaboration through our exclusive platform designed for Alliance Program members.

Prioritised Features

Your feedback directly shapes our development priorities, ensuring the solutions we build are perfectly aligned with your needs.

What your Company should

To Join the Alliance Program

Step into the future of vessel loading with the SecureLoad Alliance Program. Embrace innovation, efficiency, and a partnership that values your input and success. Contact us to learn more and become a part of this transformative journey.