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Two Naval Architects, Nikhil and Binoy from their expertise and insights from working in the maritime industry, identified significant inefficiencies in vessel loading operations. Fuelled by ambition and financed with a personal loan, they founded Admaren Tech Pvt. Ltd. to revolutionise the maritime sector with state-of-the-art solutions for improved efficiency. Their efforts led to the creation of SecureLoad, Admaren’s flagship product.

A Brief history


This visionary project took its first breath in 2018, driven by a mission to transform maritime operational engineering with cutting-edge technology.  In 2020, a strategic partnership with Hoppe Marine GmbH, a leader in maritime system solutions, made SecureLoad the world’s first web-based loading computer with advanced ballast automation functionalities. This collaboration brought to market a cutting-edge solution for specialised vessels, significantly enhancing SecureLoad’s capabilities in addressing complex maritime needs.  SecureLoad stands as a testament to Admaren’s commitment to innovation and excellence in the maritime industry, aiming to enhance operational efficiency, accuracy, and collaboration through technology.

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SecureLoad’s mission is to revolutionise the vessel loading and stowage planning process by introducing the latest technological advancements to an industrial sector that has been stagnant. By integrating state-of-the-art software solutions, SecureLoad is dedicated to enhancing efficiency, accuracy, and collaboration in marine operational engineering.


SecureLoad envisions becoming the maritime industry’s singular, indispensable software solution for all cargo-related engineering and planning. By integrating with the latest technologies, we aim to consolidate complex computations into one comprehensive platform, revolutionising the way cargo planning and engineering is performed. Our goal is to make these calculations not only user-friendly but also universally accessible to all. 




Nikhil Mathew

Chairman | Naval Architect


Binoy Pilakkat

Managing Director | Naval Architect

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